Wood Chipping

Tree Services Erie - Chain Saw Mulch

Okay, so the pros at Tree Service Erie PA have safely and efficiently felled your damaged or unwanted tree. Now what? How about some mulch! 

Keeping wood chips from your trees on your own land is a great way to make use of this wonderful resource without putting your landscape at risk for foreign invaders, such as fungus, bacteria and pests. Using our heavy duty wood chippers, we can easily process your tree into convenient mulch or chips. It’s the perfect way to remove your tree while putting it to good use. We can pile up your mulch, use our equipment to easily spread it where you need it, or we can remove the mulch and use it elsewhere. Any way you cut it, nothing goes to waste, and that’s a win for everyone. 


Ten Ways To Use Wood Chips 

    • Mulch for your landscaping (just a thin layer will do!) 
    • Add to your compost pile
    • Use for weed control along pathways (not in your vegetable garden, until composted)
    • Spread under playhouses or swing sets 
    • Use to create paths or decorate walkways  
    • Try them in your grill or smoker 
    • Use to grow culinary mushrooms
    • Use large quantities to raise and terrace land for future gardening
    • Use in your wood burning stove or fireplace 


What will you do with your wood chips? We’d love to hear about your projects and ideas.