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Tree Tips to Pruning

Pruning/trimming trees is essential when planting new trees. Usually trees or shrubbery should be pruned in late winter or early spring. However, cutting too early in winter can cause damage to your tree. Also, you must be cautious when cutting and use certain techniques to obtain a healthy tree. Understanding the variety of pruning cuts can help you. Such as, pinching, heading, shearing, and thinning techniques. Using the proper tools will also help such as hand shears, lopping shears, pruning saws, pole pruners, and hedge shears. Trimming trees can seem easy but there is a lot that is factored in when doing so, and using professionals is beneficial.


Many people don’t think about maintaining their trees until it’s too late. Just like getting a haircut, regular tree trimming is the best way to keep your trees beautiful, healthy and safe for you and your property. Keeping your trees properly trimmed requires the right knowledge, skills and tools. It’s important to remember that any cut to a tree is technically a “wound,” and must be done correctly to benefit the tree, rather than causing harm. Tree Service Erie PA provides expert tree trimming services from our experienced and dedicated tree care pros. 


Why get your trees trimmed regularly? 


Tree Health 

Various styles of trimming the crown of your tree may be used to keep it healthy and strong. Sometimes tree limbs can become infected, which can make limbs susceptible to falling, and can put other trees in your yard at risk. Removing infected branches will preserve the health of your tree. Thinning the crowns of overlapping or closely planted trees can improve airflow and sunlight, which will allow your trees to live longer together. Crown thinning must be done carefully, because removing more than ¼ of a living crown at one time will put the tree at risk. An arborist may recommend crown lifting to improve light filtering and wind circulation, which involves cutting certain lower limbs. In some cases, crown reduction may be appropriate for a tree that has too much weight putting stress on certain parts of the tree, or to allow more light onto the property surrounding the tree. This procedure does not work for all species, and must be planned carefully to ensure the health of the overall tree.  When in doubt, call the pros! We’ll examine your trees and recommend the best plan of action for your unique landscape. 



Trees often grow close to our homes, garages, parking spaces, playgrounds and recreation areas. Everyone loves to relax in the shade of a strong and healthy tree, but when a tree becomes compromised, things can get dangerous. Wind and storm damage, diseases and trees at the end of their life cycle can all pose a threat to your home, vehicle, power and utility lines, or even your loved ones. If you’re concerned about a tree limb creeping in on your house, or if a tree is growing into a powerline, don’t wait! Give us a call, and our expert arborists will determine the best course of action to preserve your property, as well as your tree. Storm damage can be devastating, and figuring out how to get a massive fallen tree limb off of your roof is the last thing you want to worry about. Attempting to remove fallen tree limbs or broken trees without the proper tools and safety knowledge can be dangerous and even life-threatening. Erie Tree Service PA is always available to help in your time of need. Our crew will arrive quickly with the necessary tools and experience to safely and efficiently remove tree debris, while preventing any further damage to your property.  



Treat yourself to that “new yard look,” and let our expert arborists keep your trees beautifully shaped, vibrant, and growing strong! During the first few years of a new tree’s life, arborists can keep it growing in its ideal symmetrical form through a process called formative pruning. When done properly, it can also help to treat any defects or weaknesses that could compromise it later. Proper tree trimming is a great investment in the long-term health of your trees, so you can relax and enjoy your beautiful yard for years to come. 


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