Tree Removal

Tree Service Erie PA - crane tree service

When dealing with storm damage and fallen trees, calling a professional tree care company like Tree Service Erie PA is the best choice for getting your property cleared safely and quickly. A variety of chainsaws, pole saws, and heavy duty clearing machinery will be used to remove fallen and damaged trees. For safety, it’s important to get professional help removing trees that are broken and leaning against property, or are seriously damaged but haven’t fallen on their own. 


Storm damage is not the only reason to hire a tree removal crew. You may have an overgrown or diseased tree that is posing a threat to you or your property. Perhaps you need to clear your land to make way for new construction, adding an addition to your house, to install a pool, or to open up more space in your yard. It’s always a good idea to hire a crew of professional arborists to remove any damaged or unwanted trees. 


When should you call a professional tree removal company? 

As soon as you see any damage to you trees, whether caused by a storm, or by infection or disease. Neglecting to remove damaged trees puts you at risk for trees and limbs falling unpredictably, which can cause serious injury and damage to property. Don’t wait! Call us today.


Why not DIY? 

Most homeowners don’t own the right kinds of tools and heavy duty equipment to properly remove a tree on their land. Professional tree care companies will use different kinds of chainsaws, pole saws, stump removers and root diggers to remove unwanted trees. Depending on the job, they may also need to climb the tree, or use a lift or a crane. Tree removal requires lots of prior knowledge, proper training, and essential safety equipment. Attempting to remove a tree yourself without the right tools and skills will put you at risk for serious injury, and can lead to extensive property damage. This is one job that you want to leave to the pros! Tree Services Erie PA will get the job done right. 


The Tree Removal Process 

When a tree must be removed, our team of professional arborists will first make a detailed assessment of the tree’s condition, placement, and whether there are other obstructions to navigate around, or important property to protect and avoid damaging. They will determine what kinds of tools they will need, whether to cut the tree near the bottom, or if higher limbs and branches must first be removed. They will decide where and how to notch the tree, and ensure that it falls in a controlled way according to the plan. The crew will wear proper safety equipment such as hard hats, steel toe boots and safety glasses, and they will keep in constant communication with each other as the tree comes down. Once the tree is down, wood chippers or harvesters can be used to create mulch or firewood. A stump grinder may be used to even out the trunk at ground level, or the stump may need to be removed. Our tree care pros will talk through your options and help you decide which service is best for your land. Our estimates are 100% free, and we carefully plan every tree removal project according to your unique situation.