Tree Pruning

Tree Service Erie PA - Tree Pruning

The best way to keep your trees healthy, strong and looking great is to have them pruned regularly. While pruning small trees can be done with smaller loppers and pruners, keeping a mature tree properly pruned is a bigger task. It requires climbing or using tall ladders to access higher branches, and choosing the proper tools to trim branches without causing harm. At Tree Services Erie PA, our crews of tree care professionals are well equipped to keep your trees pruned properly. Let us do the hard work while you relax and enjoy your beautiful landscape. 


Why Is Pruning Important? 

Regular pruning is the best way to keep your trees healthy, which goes a long way toward preventing damage that can become hazardous in the future. Some pruning techniques include crown lifting, crown clearing, deadwood clearing, growth control, damage removal, structural pruning, and crown restoration. Professional arborists never recommend topping a tree, which involves simply chopping the crown flat off at a certain height. This is detrimental to the health and structural integrity of a tree. Rather, our arborists will skillfully and carefully prune your trees, removing only what is necessary and safe for the tree. 


When Is The Right Time For Pruning? 

For most tree species, pruning takes place during the dormant phase. Pruning at the wrong time can cause wounds that leave the tree vulnerable to insects or other diseases. Choosing the right time to prune will depend on the species and location of your tree. Our tree care professionals will create a detailed plan for your tree care needs, and will recommend the best pruning schedule for your landscape and your budget. We can get the job done properly and efficiently, and you’ll be glad you invested in the proper care of your trees while you enjoy them for years to come.