Tree Planting

Tree Service Erie PA - Tree Planting

Tree Service Erie PA is a company of professional arborists, which means that we love trees! While we’re experts at tree removal, we’re also passionate about planting new trees. If you’re looking to replace a tree that was removed, looking for more privacy in your yard, or landscaping a new commercial or residential property, our tree care pros would love to help. Call us to discuss your needs and get a free quote. 


Benefits of Planting Trees 

We all know that trees are essential for clean air, important wildlife habitats, and healthy ecosystems. But trees are important in many more ways than you might realize. 


Reduce Energy Costs 

Shade from trees can have a significant impact on energy consumption in your home. In the summer, tree shade can reduce the need for air conditioning by as much as 50%. As cities and suburbs continue to grow, and more land is covered with heat-absorbing materials, trees help to keep streets and buildings cooler. 


Increase Property Values

Mature, well-planted trees around homes, along streets and in surrounding neighborhoods has been shown to increase property values by 15%. 


Protect from UV Rays 

The best protection from the sun’s harmful rays is to stay in the shade. Trees provide a natural canopy that filters UV rays and protects your skin while you and your family relax, play and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. 


Relieve Stress and Reduce Violence

Studies show that trees are good for heart health, mental health, and promote healing. Patients with a view of trees outside their hospital windows heal faster. Trees also reduce the incidence of violence and crime, compared to neighborhoods that are more barren. 


Create Natural Barriers

Trees are a wonderful alternative to fences for privacy in your yard. They can also help to slow down traffic on neighborhood streets, or block the sound of traffic from busy roads and highways. 


Detailed Plans For Your Unique Landscape 

Our expert arborists will help you decide what species of trees to plant, where and when to plant, and how to care for your trees to keep them healthy. Bringing new trees into your yard is exciting and fun for the whole family. Call us today to talk about creating a beautiful yard that will grow with you and your loved ones for years to come.