Stump Removal

Tree Services Erie County - Stump Removal

After a tree has been removed, the final step is deciding what to do with the stump. In some cases, the stump and roots can be entirely removed so you can use the land without obstruction. However, if the root system has spread underneath structures such as your home, driveway, or outside your property line, then grinding the stump is the right choice. 


Why Remove A Tree Stump? 

Our qualified professionals at Tree Service Erie PA will talk to you about the best way to deal with the stump left behind by your fallen tree. It’s always a good idea to remove a stump when possible. Once the majority of the tree is removed, the stump will slowly begin to decay. Old and decaying tree stumps become habitats for termites and other pests. They can become a nuisance, a tripping hazard, and an obstruction for your lawn mower. Stump removal involves digging out the stump and roots about 12  to 15 inches down. Once the ground is filled back in, you’ll be free to use that space for new plants, flowers, and even brand new trees. Stump removal, while more labor intensive, is a great option for refreshing your land and opening up possibilities for new life.