Land and Brush Clearing

Tree Services Erie PA - Tree cutting lot clearing

Need to clear tons of trees, foliage and brush from your land? Call the tree care pros! Tree Service Erie PA is fully equipped with the necessary tools to clear your land quickly and easily. Hiring a well equipped excavation crew can save you an incredible amount of time and energy, so you can focus on what you’ll do with your newly cleared lot. Clearing massive amounts of brush, debris and foliage is strenuous, and can be dangerous without the right tools. At Tree Service Erie PA, we’ve got your back...literally! 


Large and Small Scale Lot Clearing

Whether you need land cleared for commercial construction, residential construction, farm and field preparation, or simply to open up more space in your backyard, give us a call! We will schedule a time to visit your site and give you a free estimate. Our heavy duty tools and highly skilled groundsmen are guaranteed to get the job done right, and fast! 


Why Is Brush Clearing Important? 

Uncontrolled brush and debris can put your land and property at a higher risk of fire damage. It’s the perfect habitat for pests, poisonous plants and unwanted critters who might not be welcome at your house. Brush can become unsightly and act as a trap for litter and pollution. Even if you just want to get Peggy from the HOA off your back once and for all, we can help! Our brush clearing services are quick, easy and affordable. You have nothing to lose but that mess, so give us a call today.